Catholic Church files to challenge law protecting sex abuse victims

New York Post

The Diocese of Rockville Centre filed papers Tuesday in Nassau County Supreme Court against the act, which changed the statute of limitations for child sex crimes and opened up a year-long window where any child sex abuse victim can file a claim against their abuser, regardless of when the alleged crime happened.

Jennifer Freeman, a lawyer with the Marsh Lawfirm that focuses on child sex abuse and pornography cases, said her firm has at least 200 clients with new claims against the Catholic Church.

“They will lose because the court needs to show the legislature had an important need and important reason to change the statute of limitations,” Freeman told The Post. 

“The statute of limitations is not constitutionally required, either to have one or not have one.” 

She pointed out the church’s original support of the CVA, calling the “shocking reversal” “an aggressive assault on New York’s governor and legislature.”

“This is utter hypocrisy. On the one hand they supported the passage of the Child Victims Act and now they’re saying that it’s unconstitutional,” Freeman railed. 

“You can’t have it both ways.”

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