Child Pornography Reports

Federal Sentencing of Child Pornography Non-Production Offenses


Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse: The Internet Investigation Report


Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse: Children Outside the United Kingdom Investigation Report (Phase 2)


How We Are Failing Children: Changing The Paradigm


The Complex Experience of Child Pornography Survivors


Out of the Shadows


Global Threat Assessment 2018


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Towards a Global Indicator on Unidentified Victims in Child Sexual Exploitation Material


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Report to Congress: Federal Child Pornography Offenses (December 2012)


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Child Pornography: First Report of the Dutch Special Rapporteur (2011)


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Child Pornography and Sexual Exploitation of Children Online (2008)


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Webcam Sex Tourism


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Canadian Centre for Child Protection – Project Arachnid

Project Arachnid – #BreakTheCycle of Abuse

Project Arachnid Website

Canadian Centre for Child Protection – Child Pornography Survivors’ Survey


International Child Pornography Survivors Survey Website

A Global Survey of Country Efforts to Ensure Compensation for Child Pornography Victims


Beyond Paroline: Ensuring Meaningful Remedies for Child Pornography Victims at Home and Abroad


The History of the Child Pornography Guidelines


Child Pornography Bibliography


Childhood Adversity Narratives


Also online at Child Adversity Narratives

ACE Study DVD – Executive Summary

ACE Study Executive Summary

The Abuse That Never Ends

Child Pornography: The Abuse That Never Ends

Prevention and Treatment

Preventing and Addressing Child Sexual Abuse in Youth Serving Organizations


Child Pornography Bibliography

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