Childhood Sexual Abuse

Nuns Sexually Abused These Women For Years. Now Survivors Speak Out.

Women Sexually Abused By Catholic Nuns Speak Up: She Told Me It Was ‘God’s Love’

Two survivors share stories of grooming, emotional manipulation and sexual abuse by nuns in the Catholic Church. The predator nun walked into Trish Cahill’s life straight out of the blue, on a busy summer day in the late 1960s. Cahill was a teenager back then, wire thin with long, chestnut brown hair framing her face. She was babysitting her cousins in Glen Rock, New Jersey, and there were eight of them to look after ― a big Catholic family, much like her own. One cousin was playing outside that day and Cahill had another little one in a high chair in the ...

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Former Iona Prep student alleges abuse by Irish Christian Brothers, culture of silence

Schools in New York and New Jersey moved around — what lawyers claim is — one of the most prolific abusers of the Irish Christian Brothers. Ferro is one of the six current members of the order on a list of Christian Brothers with more than one abuse claim against them. The Christian Brothers said the order was aware of this abuse claim, which was filed as part of the bankruptcy case Lawyers for former Iona Prep student Richard Cardillo believe the lawsuit they plan to file in August will reveal the sexual abuse and secrecy in the Christian Brothers ...

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What Do the Church’s Victims Deserve?

The Catholic Church is turning to outside arbiters to reckon with its history of sexual abuse. But skeptics argue that its legacy of evasion continues. An Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program, run by Feinberg and Biros, began hearing and processing claims of priestly sexual abuse for the Archdiocese of New York in the fall of 2016. Feinberg and Biros subsequently established compensation programs in the Dioceses of Brooklyn (which includes Queens) and Rockville Centre (Long Island), and upstate, in the Dioceses of Syracuse and Ogdensburg. Their portfolio ...

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Catholic Religious Orders Brace for New Wave of NY Lawsuits

An attorney who targets accused pedophile priests says lawsuits filed under New York’s Child Victims Act could ravage the finances of some Catholic religious orders. According to Michael Pfau, a Seattle-based lawyer who has represented scores of clergy abuse survivors, there are more than 170 religious orders operating in New York. Many have their national or regional headquarters in the state. "I think religious orders, for whatever reason, have flown under the radar. Especially in New York State," said Pfau. According to data compiled at Georgetown ...

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NY Law Firms Taking More Child Sex Abuse Cases in Wake of New Law’s Enactment

Law firms in New York state have already started working on several cases soon to be brought by victims of child sexual abuse after a bill was signed into law earlier this month that extended the period of time during which those claims can be filed. Several of those firms have also put money into the new law, called the Child Victims Act, by paying to advertise their services when users search for it on the internet. So far, many have received a return on that investment. One such firm is the Marsh Law Firm, which sponsored an ad to appear near the top of search ...

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With Ink Not Yet Dry on the New York Child Victims Act, There Is Already Reason to Be Concerned About the Victims in this Process

Class actions are designed for circumstances where the victims have identical or nearly identical harm, or where such small monetary amounts are at stake that individual suits are implausible.

This cannot be permitted to happen to the sex abuse victims in New York, after 15 years of enormous effort to pass the Child Victims Act, who are supposed to be receiving a chance at full justice. The good news is that the class action lawsuit was filed in federal court where class actions must give victims a right to “opt out” of the lawsuit. So every victim will have the opportunity to think carefully about whether a “quickie” class action settlement is truly in her or his best interest.

The public policy problem, though, is that this is a great way for lawyers to benefit while survivors are once again made second-class participants in their own journey to justice. It’s bad enough they were victimized as children; and then they were re-victimized by insultingly short SOLs; but to be re-victimized after the CVA passes by not being taken individually and seriously in their own lawsuit constitutes the wrong result. It violates the spirit and the intent of the Child Victims Act so many labored so long to actualize.

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I-Team: How a Future Sex Offender Found a Home in 2 NY Boy Scout Troops

Decades before he became a registered sex offender, 60-year-old John Stella was an Assistant Scoutmaster dogged by allegations of abuse in an upstate Boy Scout troop. Decades before John Stella became a registered sex offender, he was an Assistant Scoutmaster dogged by allegations of abuse in upstate NY“He was a sadist,” one ex-Scout said. “I can still think of details. Like the smell of this guy’s chewing tobacco is still in my nose"The Boy Scouts of America told the I-Team Stella’s 1989 arrest was the first time the national headquarters knew of any ...

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Child Victims Act passes NY State Senate

The legislation, known as the Child Victims Act, passed the Democrat-controlled Senate and Assembly on Monday. Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo intends to sign the bill into law. The act would extend the statute of limitations going forward and create a one-year window for civil suits now barred by the statute of limitations.

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They Were Sexually Abused Long Ago as Children. Now They Can Sue in N.Y.

ALBANY — For more than a decade, victims of childhood sexual abuse in New York have asked lawmakers here for the chance to seek justice — only to be blocked by powerful interests including insurance companies, private schools and leaders from the Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox Jewish communities. As activists and Democratic officials pushed to strengthen protections for child abuse victims, those opposing interests — wealthy and closely tied to members of the then Republican-controlled State Senate — warned that permitting victims to revive decades-old ...

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