Catholic Church

Man shares allegations of abuse at hands of Albany-area priest

NewsChannel 13 exclusively obtained "complainant’s statements" submitted by Michael Harmon to the lawyers for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, which confirmed it had forwarded to state prosecutors for review. According to Harmon’s statements, throughout his teenage years he was molested by a former priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany named Edward Pratt. Additionally, Harmon claims he was threatened with arrest when he went to the bishop at the time for help. Now decades later, Harmon and others are starting to speak out as attorneys across New ...

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Town Hall: Silent No More

Former Catholic brother speaks out about church sex abuse scandal

Allegations of sex abuse within the Catholic Church have been widespread for years, but it’s not often that someone from within the clergy talks about the problem. Richard Cardillo is one of the few who will. Cardillo was a Christian Brother — a member of the teaching order within the Catholic Church — from 1976 to 1990. He described child sex abuse as an accepted part of the culture, only spoken about in whispers. Cardillo said the hushed conversations would include questions like, “I wonder what he did with that kid? And I wonder where he got caught? Can ...

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Man sues Iona Prep over alleged sexual abuse by teacher 40 years ago

A man is suing Iona Prep in New Rochelle claiming he was abused by a brother and teacher from the school about 40 years ago. Richard Cardillo tells News 12 that he was sexually abused when he was 17 years old by Iona Prep teacher Brother Tony Ferro. He now claims, 43 years later, that the Irish Christian Brothers and the school knew Ferro had done this before.

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Nuns Sexually Abused These Women For Years. Now Survivors Speak Out.

Women Sexually Abused By Catholic Nuns Speak Up: She Told Me It Was ‘God’s Love’

Two survivors share stories of grooming, emotional manipulation and sexual abuse by nuns in the Catholic Church. The predator nun walked into Trish Cahill’s life straight out of the blue, on a busy summer day in the late 1960s. Cahill was a teenager back then, wire thin with long, chestnut brown hair framing her face. She was babysitting her cousins in Glen Rock, New Jersey, and there were eight of them to look after ― a big Catholic family, much like her own. One cousin was playing outside that day and Cahill had another little one in a high chair in the ...

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Former Iona Prep student alleges abuse by Irish Christian Brothers, culture of silence

Schools in New York and New Jersey moved around — what lawyers claim is — one of the most prolific abusers of the Irish Christian Brothers. Ferro is one of the six current members of the order on a list of Christian Brothers with more than one abuse claim against them. The Christian Brothers said the order was aware of this abuse claim, which was filed as part of the bankruptcy case Lawyers for former Iona Prep student Richard Cardillo believe the lawsuit they plan to file in August will reveal the sexual abuse and secrecy in the Christian Brothers ...

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What Do the Church’s Victims Deserve?

The Catholic Church is turning to outside arbiters to reckon with its history of sexual abuse. But skeptics argue that its legacy of evasion continues. An Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program, run by Feinberg and Biros, began hearing and processing claims of priestly sexual abuse for the Archdiocese of New York in the fall of 2016. Feinberg and Biros subsequently established compensation programs in the Dioceses of Brooklyn (which includes Queens) and Rockville Centre (Long Island), and upstate, in the Dioceses of Syracuse and Ogdensburg. Their portfolio ...

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