Patients Detail Alleged Abuse by Rockefeller University Hospital Pediatrician

The late Dr. Reginald Archibald worked at Rockefeller University Hospital from the 1940s until his retirement in 1982. Archibald studied childhood growth and many alleged victims, mostly boys, said they participated in a free growth study. He died in 2007.Two attorneys represent more than 100 alleged victims and said they believe there are hundreds of victims in total.Both men said the doctor took photos of them naked. The attorneys for both men said they want to know where those photos are, but the hospital hasn't provided information.But an attorney for ...

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Senator Gillibrand Continues Fight Against Schools that ‘Underplay’ Sexual Assaults on Campuses

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has been speaking around the state about a bill that was re-introduced in the senate to fight sexual assault on college campuses. After a trip to Elmira earlier in the day, she spent Friday afternoon at Union College. Before the discussion a Skidmore College student met one-on-one with Gillibrand. She said that helped give back the power that she lost when she was raped."That's what being a victim of sexual assault does," said Reina Keifer. "It takes away your power as a person. But organizing this and being invited to this and having the ...

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Board Makes Decision in Case of Skidmore Student Accused of Sexual Assault

The Skidmore student accused of sexually assaulting another student back in April of 2014 will not be allowed to return to the college for several years.The college investigated and found that student had violated the schools sexual and gender based misconduct policy. He was subsequently suspended for a year, and Thursday’s decision means he can’t request to return to Skidmore until 2017.“I want to thank the Administrative Hearing Board for their careful consideration of my case and the seriousness with which they approached this very important decision. ...

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Student says Skidmore College will Allow her Attacker to Re-apply in Two Years

It's been the buzz of the campus for two weeks. Would the school readmit a male student they found responsible for violating its sexual conduct policy?"The student body, alumni, many members of the Skidmore community, have taken a stand that we do not want rapists on our campus," said Sam Harris, a Skidmore senior.Skidmore College student Reina Kiefer was sexually assaulted last April. She brought it to the attention of the school and they suspended the attacker for a year.But the man wants to come back to Skidmore, so at the end of the one-year suspension, he ...

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Skidmore Students Protest Possible Readmission of Accused Rapist

Hundreds of college students railed in support of a classmate on Friday who is fighting to keep the man who sexually assaulted her from coming back to school. Reina Kiefer is a sophomore at Skidmore College, last year she was sexually assaulted by a classmate. After an investigation, the College determined the man was guilty of violating its sexual misconduct policy and he was suspended for a year.…On Friday, a hearing was held to determine whether the male student who was suspended was ready to be readmitted to the school. So far, a determination has not been ...

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Skidmore Students Hold Silent Protest Before Readmission Hearing

A show of solidarity was held at Skidmore College on Friday in a silent protest in response to an alleged sexual assault that happened on campus.More than 100 students filled Palamountain Hall for a silent protest. It was to show support and love for Reina Kiefer.The Skidmore sophomore said she was drugged and raped by a fellow student in April 2014. The college investigated and found that student had violated the school’s sexual and gender based misconduct policy. He was subsequently suspended for a year.“There’s absolutely nothing that anyone can say to ...

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Child porn suspects pay restitution to victims

James Marsh is an attorney who represents "Amy," a woman who was sexually assaulted by her uncle starting when she was four years old.Marsh says "Amy," pictured in the infamous "Misty Series" of child porn images, is victimized every time images of her are downloaded into a computer. Marsh says "Amy" has received more than 800 notifications from federal prosecutors that her images have been found on computers seized in child porn investigations. In some of those cases, Marsh has sued for restitution, and "Amy" is getting paid.Marsh says money may never heal his ...

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Commentary on the Congressional Hearing relating to Masha Allen’s adoption

Background and commentary on Masha Allen

Also joining us, James Marsh. This is Masha`s attorney. James...JAMES MARSH, MASHA`S ATTORNEY: Hi, Nancy.GRACE: Hi, friend. What are we going to do about this adoption agency that helped facilitate Masha coming from Russia, straight into the hands of an American pedophile?MARSH: Well, I guess, unfortunately, or fortunately for Masha, we have a lot of potential defendants in this case, because it wasn`t just one adoption agency that helped facilitate this. There were many cooperating agencies involved. This was the agency that did the home study. There`s the ...

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Background and commentary on Danielle van Dam murder case