Skidmore Students Protest Possible Readmission of Accused Rapist

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Hundreds of college students railed in support of a classmate on Friday who is fighting to keep the man who sexually assaulted her from coming back to school. Reina Kiefer is a sophomore at Skidmore College, last year she was sexually assaulted by a classmate. After an investigation, the College determined the man was guilty of violating its sexual misconduct policy and he was suspended for a year.…

On Friday, a hearing was held to determine whether the male student who was suspended was ready to be readmitted to the school. So far, a determination has not been made. Before the hearing, hundreds of students, many wearing t-shirts that read, "Suspension is not enough, Don't graduate rapists" packed the building. They were there to support Kiefer, "I stepped forward because I was tired of not being heard, I see some young women walking around with tape over their mouth and that's a perfect manifestation of what I felt emotionally this past year, Kiefer told CBS6.

Skidmore College found the man guilty of violating its sexual misconduct policy, he has been suspended since last summer but was allowed a re-admittance hearing, "for the administration to allow him to come back would be to say, this happened but it's acceptable, it's forgivable, he can come back, he can continue here and graduate, Kiefer says.

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