Skidmore Denies Readmittance of Student Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

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Skidmore College may not have changed its official policies on handling sexual assaults, but a suspended student who was found to have sexually assaulted a female student last year will not be allowed back on campus in the fall, according to statements released Thursday by the female student and her attorney.

The decision comes after a vocal on-campus protest earlier this month that called for the administration to deny readmission to the suspended student. Reina Keifer, a 19-year-old sophomore from Berkeley, Calif., who was sexually assaulted on Skidmore's campus last year, helped to organize the protest. She said students found guilty of sexual assault should be expelled and not given the opportunity to return to campus.

Keifer's attorney said the student's suspension from Skidmore was extended by two years, adding the student will have the opportunity for another readmission hearing at the end of that period.

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