Rockefeller Hospital sues insurers over Dr. Reginald Archibald sexual abuse claims

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Rockefeller University Hospital filed suit against more than a dozen of its insurers for not providing assistance with handling hundreds of abuse claims.

Rockefeller filed the case in New York Supreme Court and accuses several of its insurers — including its primary insurer Chubb — of attempting to dodge coverage as an industry-wide tactic to avoid paying legal fees and damages to sexual abuse survivors.

The legal action is a copy of what the New York Archdiocese did last month when it asked for court assistance with 32 of its insurers.

However there's a key difference to the Archdiocese's suit.

Rockefeller decided to sue insurers under New York’s Deceptive Business Practices, and asked for money to be awarded for that claim.

“Choosing to sue Rockefeller under this state statute is unusual since it allows Rockefeller to argue that its insurers’ denial of coverage and defense was in bad faith and was knowing, reckless and willful," said Jennifer Freeman, a sexual abuse attorney of Marsh Law.

Freeman, along with James Marsh, are representing more than 200 clients against Rockefeller.

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