How could a dad live on a college campus? Questions grow in Sarah Lawrence sex-cult scandal

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The indictment accusing Larry Ray of preying on Sarah Lawrence College students — in a stunning web of manipulation, extortion, sex-trafficking and money-laundering — answered many questions, but not THE question.

Sarah Lawrence alumni and even its president have tried to figure out how a dad could move into his daughter's on-campus apartment without the college knowing about it. 

They pointed to the private, apartment-style setup of his daughter's Slonim Woods dorm where Ray arrived — straight from prison — in late September 2010 and stayed through the spring semester of 2011.

Green's role in the Ray case was also cited in an October 2019 sexual discrimination and retaliation lawsuit against the college involving a former student who claims the college failed to protect her from a fellow student she accused of rape. 

The plaintiff, listed as Jane Doe to protect her identity, lives in Dallas, Texas.

The suit says Green's actions, including brushing aside the parents' concerns in two meetings and being aware of "The Truth" email, suggest a history of mishandling accusations that came to the college's attention. Green is among the defendants in that suit.

"The conduct alleged here is outrageous," William Sweeney, assistant director-in-charge of the FBI in New York, said in announcing the case against Ray, 60. "It makes you angry. If you're not angry, you don't have a soul."

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