Child Pornography

Judge Orders Child Porn Consumer To Pay Restitution

New York lawyer James R. Marsh, the victim's attorney and an expert on child abuse law, said Eginton's ruling is unlikely to cause a spike in claims for restitution. That is because, he said, the number of victims who have been identified from seized computer images is tiny - perhaps 200 children. Many of those victims, he said, are still children; they were photographed or videotaped when they were babies. Some victims may not be aware of their legal rights, Marsh said. In other cases, he said, parents may decide that children are better served by not going to court.

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Terms of Enslavement: Web Sites’ Outrageous Service Agreements

"Companies get into trouble when they try to move that content beyond the four corners of their service - that's what Facebook tried to do - and use content for commercial exploits," said James R. Marsh, a lawyer who writes ChildLaw Blog, which first posted news of Facebook's TOS change late last month. In the extreme, he said, "They can take little Susie's pictures on the beach to Playboy, who then has their own license for using it - and you may not even know it. And then what? You're institutionalizing child pornography."

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Commentary on the Congressional Hearing relating to Masha Allen’s adoption

Background and commentary on Masha Allen

Also joining us, James Marsh. This is Masha`s attorney. James... JAMES MARSH, MASHA`S ATTORNEY: Hi, Nancy. GRACE: Hi, friend. What are we going to do about this adoption agency that helped facilitate Masha coming from Russia, straight into the hands of an American pedophile? MARSH: Well, I guess, unfortunately, or fortunately for Masha, we have a lot of potential defendants in this case, because it wasn`t just one adoption agency that helped facilitate this. There were many cooperating agencies involved. This was the agency that did the home study. There`s the ...

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Perv Cools Heels in Prison Hospital; Porn, abuse victim decries treatment of her tormentor

A vile sex offender who adopted a 5-year-old from Russia only to turn her into a sex slave is being treated at the cushy Devens prison hospital - an arrangement that prompted cries of outrage from the now-13-year-old survivor. "Masha feels that treatment is inappropriate and that what (Matthew) Mancuso deserves is punishment for the crimes he committed," said attorney James R. Marsh, who represents Masha Allen.

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