Amy’s Story – The Price of a Stolen Childhood – Recognized for Excellence

The 2014 Dart Awards for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma recently awarded an honorable mention to the New York Times Magazine's story about the Marsh Law Firm's client Amy entitled The Price of a Stolen Childhood.

The annual Dart Awards recognize outstanding reporting in all media that portrays traumatic events with accuracy, insight and sensitivity while illuminating the effects of violence and tragedy on victims’ lives. The Dart Awards, established in 1994, are administered by the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, based at the Columbia Journalism School.

The Dart Awards are a team prize, recognizing that presenting in-depth journalism on these challenging subjects requires a newsroom-wide commitment. The Dart Awards now consider entries from across the media spectrum. The jury combines journalists, educators and mental health professionals.

The New York Times Magazine received an Honorable Mention for The Price of a Stolen Childhood (Emily Bazelon, writer; Ilena Silverman, editor; Ina Jang, photographer; Joanna Milter, photo editor; Lia Miller, research editor; Mark Van de Walle, research editor).

This thought-provoking feature tells the stories of victims of child pornography and chronicles their pursuit of restitution from men who view their images, exploring a wide range of legal and emotional issues. Judges praised The Price of a Stolen Childhood for “gracefully delivering on its promise to illustrate the emotional, legal and financial impact of a new source of trauma,” and for “showing the complexity of legal interventions and their unintended consequences for victims and survivors.”

The 2014 winners and honorable mentions will be recognized at a public ceremony in conjunction with the 20th anniversary Dart Awards symposium May 8th from 3:00-7:30pm at the Columbia Journalism School.

Find more information online here.

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