DC’s Reduced Child-Sex Penalties … and Why They’re Normal

After Jessica Lynn Kanya attempted to sexually abuse a 14-year-old child, she was sentenced to 36 months in prison last March. But Lynn served none of that time behind bars when District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Hiram E. Puig-Lago decided to suspend her sentence.

Such leniency is common in Washington, D.C., RealClearInvestigations has found, because of the difficulty of making cases and the alternative to jail presented by the sex-offender registry. Since 2000, almost half of sex offenders convicted in the nation’s capital—the vast majority child-sex offenders—have had their sentences cut in half or suspended altogether. Judges do not comment on their rulings, but an analysis of the records of 364 D.C. offenders convicted since 2000 shows that such sentencing is a pervasive practice by more than a dozen judges, who are appointed and not elected.

Sentences are often suspended not just for crimes such as sexually touching a child, which carries jail time of 180 days. In dozens of cases, adult offenders facing years in prison received suspended sentences.

Although there is no national database recording the resolutions of alleged child-sex crimes, experts say Washington faces the same challenges in prosecuting such crimes as everywhere else. The reduced sentences reflect the difficulties and peculiarities of prosecuting crimes involving children and sex.

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Current, ex-GCCC employees sue Swender, college

Lawyers representing six current and former Garden City Community College employees who have taken issue with the management of the college filed a lawsuit Wednesday alleging that GCCC and its former president, Herbert Swender, had violated the plaintiffs constitutional rights.Attorneys Jean ...

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Sexting, Schools, and Law Enforcement: Where Does Child Protective Services Fit In?

Sexting. You won’t find the word in any 20th century dictionary. A combination of “sex” and “texting,” sexting is the exchange of explicit pictures via cell phone. Sometimes the photographs are shared voluntarily. Often, an element of coercion is present. In either case, once the photographs are sent, they can subsequently be used to embarrass, intimidate, or bully.

CPS employees, in conjunction with law enforcement and school officials, are the key officials making tough legal and ethical calls. And, as we know very well, citizen, legislative, and legal oversight is, and should be, omnipresent. Particularly from a legal perspective, making the right call on a consistent basis is a matter of understanding, training, and attention to detail.

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2 doctors’ photos play role in sexual abuse claims involving hundreds of victims

Two doctors allegedly abused their authority to prey upon young victims.In one case, a disgraced University of Southern California gynecologist has led police to a collection of nude photographs that may be connected with the abuse alleged by his patients.In another case, attorneys of patients who allege a New York doctor, now deceased, may have abused as many as 1,000 young patients over decades want to know what happened to the doctor’s photos. They fear the images may be circulating as child pornography.Patients seek whereabouts of deceased doctor’s ...

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Hospital Cover-Up? Photo-Taking Doctor Allegedly Sexually Abused 1,000 Kids

Rockefeller University Hospital on the Upper East Side in New York has acknowledged that Reginald Archibald, an endocrinologist and child growth specialist, most likely sexually abused more than 1,000 child victims over perhaps 40 years, confirmed attorneys representing the abused.It may be the largest case of sexual abuse by one person in the United States, CBS News reported Tuesday in interviews with some of the survivors, former patients of Archibald, a “highly regarded” growth specialist who claimed to treat children who matured at a slower rate than their ...

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‘He was revered like a god’: Patients of New York doctor who died in 2007 and ‘could have abused more than 1,000 children over decades’ demand to know why Rockefeller University stayed quiet about allegations

Victims gathered outside Manhattan hospital on Tuesday for press conferenceSaid that Dr Reginald Archibald had abused them as children years agoArchibald worked at Rockefeller University Hospital from 1948 to 1982The endocrinologist specialized in childhood growth before he died in 2007Ex-patients say he abused them and took nude photos for 'scientific research'Some 100 ex-patients have joined a legal actions seeking to destroy photosAttorneys for the victims believe as many as 1,000 children were abused Doctor Reginald Archibald's research aimed to help children grow ...

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Victims Detail Alleged Abuse By Esteemed Doctor At Rockefeller University Hospital

Dr. Reginald Archibald was considered an esteemed physician when he worked at Rockefeller University Hospital, but three years before his death in 2004 a former patient came forward with allegations of abuse.More people have claimed he sexually abused them and took photos that could be considered pornography.“Many pictures were taken of me over the 11 years and I would like to see them,” victim Ron Samuel said.The accusers say in the 50s and 60s, the doctor used film cameras and in the 70s and 80s he used a Polaroid camera.https://youtu.be/Fb9Q91MLc...

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New York doctor may have abused more than 1,000 victims over 40 years

Patients and relatives of those treated at a famous research hospital in New York want to know why Rockefeller University stayed quiet about a prominent doctor who died 11 years ago and is believed to have abused childrenfor decades. Attorneys representing those individuals now say there may be over 1,000 victims in what may be the largest case of sexual abuse by one person in U.S. history.https://youtu.be/DntKCR80VY4Former New York doctor may have abused over 1,000 victims

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UES Hospital Must Return Photos Of Sex Abuse Victims: Lawyers

UPPER EAST SIDE, NY — Sex abuse victims of a long-time Rockefeller University doctor who was hailed as a "miracle worker" stood in front of the Upper East Side institution Tuesday with their lawyers to demand the hospital turn over any medical records that may contain nude images taken of victims under the guise of medical research.Rockefeller University Hospital admitted in October that the institution was aware that Dr. Reginald Archibald may have molested, raped and photographed children between the ages of 6 and 16 from the 1940s to the 1980s. In the wake of the ...

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NYC doc took pics of sex abuse; patients seek their whereabouts

Peter Katsikis had only one appointment with Archibald, in 1969. He said Archibald directed him to remove his clothes; he touched him sexually and then took several photos of him in the nude. Katsikis was 12 and said it was his first sexual experience. He wouldn't tell anyone until he told his wife 26 years later.The trauma changed him, he said, making him cynical and sometimes short-tempered as an adult. The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are sexual assault victims unless they grant permission."I've replayed the episode a couple ...

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