Lawsuit accuses ex-Rockefeller University Hospital doctor of sexually abusing 80 children


A lawsuit filed Wednesday accuses a former doctor at Rockefeller University Hospital in Manhattan of sexually abusing 80 children — mostly boys — over a four-decade span under the guise of treating them for growth disorders.

The lawsuit follows one filed last year by another 40 alleged victims against the late Dr. Reginald Archibald, whom a lawyer for the plaintiffs called the most prolific pedophile in New York State, if not U.S., history.

“It was at least hundreds, and perhaps thousands” of victims, said Jennifer Freeman, an attorney in the White Plains office of Marsh Law Firm, which is representing many of Archibald’s former patients, including some from Long Island. “I’m not aware of one person that’s done that.”

The plaintiffs are not asking for a specific amount of money, but want their day in court to tell a story they say has been buried for decades, Freeman said.

“There is never enough money that can compensate you for child sex abuse,” Freeman said. “It’s really about holding them accountable and protecting future kids.”

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