Dave Grohl suggests Nirvana could alter controversial Nevermind cover

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Dave Grohl has “many ideas” to change the cover artwork for Nirvana’s Nevermind album.

The group’s second album, released in 1991, is an all-time classic, but courted controversy after Spencer Elden, the child who appears in the artwork, sued later singer Kurt Cobain’s estate over the nude image.

He alleged the snap was an example of child pornography and sexual exploitation and, in response, Grohl told Britain’s The Sunday Times newspaper it could be altered in the future.

“I have many ideas of how we should alter that cover but we’ll see what happens,” he said. “We’ll let you know. I’m sure we’ll come up with something good.”

The legal battle comes about ahead of a 30th anniversary reissue of the classic album, for which Elden wants his image censored.

He also wants the album art altered for any future re-releases, according to his lawyer Maggie Mabie.

“If there is a 30th anniversary re-release, he wants for the entire world not to see his genitals,” Mabie told The Associated Press.

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