Skidmore College Readmission Hearing Draws Large Crowd

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Students packed Skidmore College’s Palamountain Hall Friday afternoon to stage a silent protest with the hopes of making their message heard loud and clear: Don’t re-admit a student suspended a year ago for sexual misconduct.

More than 200 students participated to show their support for senior Reina Keifer while an administrative hearing on whether to re-admit her attacker was taking place in the same building.

Following the incident last year, the male student was found in violation of the school’s sexual misconduct policy and suspended for a year. Under the school’s policy, after the year he was entitled to a hearing to be re-admitted, according to Andrea Wise, director of media relations.

The administrative board hearing the case has a 10-day period to make its decision.

Kiefer’s attorney, James Marsh, said the student’s suspension is not enough. He said he represents sexual assault victims across the country. Kiefer said she has yet to receive explanation as to why suspension was an appropriate punishment versus expulsion.

“I’ve never had a case involving this level of conduct resulting in this level of sanction, or should I say lack of sanction,” Marsh said.

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