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Law & Order: SVU – Restitution at Last

Last night NBC’s Law & Order: SVU aired an episode about our firm’s effort to obtain compensation for victims of child pornography called Downloaded Child. This clip, Restitution at Last, should sound familiar to anyone who has been following our work. They even mention the Violence Against Women Act and joint and several liability. Pop culture, we have arrived!

You can watch last night’s full Law & Order SVU episode, Downloaded Child, here free online (for a limited time). They are even using the Twitter hashtag #StolenChildhood which was the title of the story about our clients written by Emily Bazelon in the New York Times Magazine last year.

After you’ve watched Downloaded Child, read about the real #StolenChildhood, Emily Bazelon’s groundbreaking New York Times Magazine story about our clients and our firm’s efforts to obtain compensation for victims of child pornography.

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