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Tears, Vindication and Relief: Maxwell Accusers React to Verdict

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More than two years after the death of Jeffrey Epstein, his victims — many of whom say they were children when they were abused by the disgraced financier — have finally won through the conviction of his ex-girlfriend and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell.

Over the past month, Epstein and Maxwell accusers have watched the trial from inside the courtroom and read about it from afar. Some have expressed anxiousness about what the 12-person jury would make of the four women who took the stand to recount their abuse, and of the efforts made by the defense to discredit them. 

After Maxwell was found guilty of five counts including sex-trafficking of minors, some of Epstein and Maxwell’s accusers spoke out. Here is what they, as well as lawyers representing many more, had to say:

Robert Lewis, The Marsh Law Firm PLLC

Lewis, who represents Ransome, said Maxwell’s victims, as well as survivors of sexual abuse, have “been heard” and are “no longer silenced.”

“This will hopefully cause more to come forward to tell their stories and it will perhaps deter perpetrators from knowing that the free pass is over,” Lewis said by phone. He added Epstein and Maxwell’s story “was a classic case of the rich and powerful getting special privileges,” and “perpetrating the vulnerable.”

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