These men may have committed sex crimes against children in New York. The Child Victims Act will extend the statute of limitations for civil cases to age 50 and to age 28 in criminal cases.

It will also establish a one-year window in which anyone will be permitted to bring a lawsuit even if the statute of limitations has already expired.

If you were victimized by one of these individuals, you will have a limited amount of time to seek justice. Contact us immediately for help and advice. Time is running out.

April Every Month is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

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Romano J. Ferraro (Diocese of Brooklyn)

Romano Ferraro was arraigned in 2002 on charges of child rape and abuse. He was formally removed from ministry in 1988 and was convicted in 2004 of child sexual assault for raping a young boy in the 1970s, according to the New York Times. As the New York Times reported, Ferraro is “believed to have been one of the most prolific priest pedophiles on the Eastern Seaboard.” Ferraro is said to have been transferred within and between Diocese, including the Diocese of Brooklyn and the Diocese of Rockville Centre. He has also served as a priest in New Jersey and Missouri, as well as in Florida and the Philippines. Ferraro has been laicized.

James T. Smith (Diocese of Brooklyn)

Father Smith was placed on administrative leave in 2002 after allegations that he had sexually abused minors. Prior to his leave, Smith reportedly held a part-time job in the domestic violence unit of the Queen’s District Attorney’s Office. A 2003 lawsuit accused Smith of molesting multiple minors, including a girl at Our Lady of Grace Church in Howard Beach during the late 1950s and early 1960s, as well as a boy at Holy Trinity Parish Church in Whitestone during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It has been reported that more than two dozen people have made similar complaints against Smith.

James Cotter (Diocese of Buffalo)

In 2007, the Buffalo News reported that the Diocese of Buffalo transferred Cotter to San Diego, where he then allegedly molested a young boy. A lawsuit was filed in California and accused the Diocese of Buffalo of knowing that Cotter was a pedophile but choosing to transfer him to San Diego in 1978 as part of an arranged “early retirement.” The Diocese of Buffalo has denied knowing of prior accusations against Cotter and stated that they first learned of an accusation against the priest in the mid-1990s.

Priests Laicized in the Diocese of Brooklyn for the Sexual Abuse of Minors

  • Joseph P. Byrns (ordained in 1969 and was in active ministry until his removal in 2002)
  • William E. Finger (ordained in 1962 and was in active ministry until his departure in 1980)
  • Stephen Placa (ordained in 1995 and was in active ministry until his departure in 2002)
  • Thomas O. Morrow (ordained in 1971 and was in active ministry until his departure in 1987)
  • Romano J. Ferraro (ordained in 1960 and was removed from active ministry in 1988)
  • Charles M. Mangini (ordained in 1968 and was in active ministry until his removal in 1993)
  • Christopher Lee Coleman (ordained in 1994 and was in active ministry until his removal in 2011)
  • Robert McConnin (ordained in 1973 and was in active ministry until his removal in 2007)
  • Thomas Nohilly (ordained in 1981 and was in active ministry until his removal in 2002)
  • Barry E. Ryan (ordained in 1976 and was in active ministry until his removal in 1994)
  • Patrick Sexton (ordained in 1977 and was in active ministry until his removal in 1990)
  • Daniel J. Sheehan (ordained in 1979 and was in active ministry until his departure in 1998)

Priests Laicized in the Diocese of Buffalo for the Sexual Abuse of Minors

David G. Bentley

Ordained in 1975
1975Vincentian Institute High SchoolAlbany
1976Cardinal Mcloskey High SchoolAlbany
1977Vincentian Institute High SchoolAlbany
1977Cathedral of the Immaculate ConceptionAlbany
1977–1986Albany Medical Center HospitalAlbany
1984Albany County JailAlbany
1986Removed from priestly duties
1986–2002Africa and Ohio
2000–2002Holy Family Catholic ChurchDeming, NM
2002Removed from ministry

Dozia Wilson

Ordained in 1972
Although Dozia Wilson was ordained in the Diocese of Albany, he served in the Boston area in the 1970s after he was caught sexually abusing two boys in a motel. Wilson was moved to Boston where he was soon discovered sexually abusing two teenage boys who lived with him in the rectory. He was sent to the House of Affirmation treatment center in 1978. Wilson returned to the Diocese of Albany in 1980. It wasn’t until 1993 that Wilson was laisized. He then went to work for St. Christopher's Inc. residential treatment facility for children in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

1972Urban MinistryAlbany
1972–1976Sacred Heart ParishAlbany
1975La Salle School for BoysAlbany
1976–1979St. Joseph ParishBoston, MA
1980–1981St. Anne's Catholic ChurchFort Ann
1981–1990St. Mary's Catholic ChurchHudson
1981–1990Columbia County JailHudson
1981–1990Columbia–Greene Community CollegeHudson
1993–2002St. Christopher's Residential Treatment CenterDobbs Ferry

Bernard Splawski

Ordained in 1963
Franciscan Priest / Franciscan Friars of Holy Name

1969–1986Bishop Timon - St. Jude High SchoolSouth Buffalo
1986–2003St. Joseph's Catholic ChurchWest Milford, NJ
2003Franciscan friarylocation unknown

William White

Ordained in 1958
1958–1965Holy Cross Parish SchoolNew York City
1965–1975Archbishop Stepanic High SchoolWhite Plains
1975–1976New York Department of EducationNew York City
1976–1982Cardinal Spellman High SchoolNew York City
1982–1994Holy Family ParishNew Rochelle
1994–1995whereabouts unknown
1995–2002St. Vincent De Paul Regional SeminaryBoynton Beach, FL
2002removed from ministry

Romano J. Ferraro

Ordained in 1960
1960–1962St. Joseph Patron of the Universal ChurchBrooklyn
1962–1963St. Rosalia's Catholic ChurchBrooklyn
1962–1963Regina Pacis Votive ShrineBrooklyn
1963–1964St. Lucy's Catholic ChurchBrooklyn
1964–1968Holy Family Catholic ChurchBrooklyn
1968–1969U.S. Naval StationKey West, Florida
1969–1970Military Mobile Support UnitPhilippines
1973Cathedral CollegeDouglaston
1975–1977St. Joseph's ParishKings Park
1977–1978St. Francis XavierBrooklyn
1977–1978Madonna Residence for the ElderlyBrooklyn
1978–1979St. AloysiusQueens
1978–1979Wyckoff Heights HospitalQueens
1980–1981House of AffirmationWebster Grove, MO
1981–1983St. Joan of ArcSt. Louis, MO
1981–1983Jewish HospitalSt. Louis, MO
1981–1983Barnes HospitalSt. Louis, MO
1983St. Francis XavierBronx
1983Jacobi HospitalBronx
1983Einstein HospitalBronx
1984St. James ParishWoodbridge, NJ
1984–1985Our Lady of Mount Virgin ParishMiddlesex, NJ
1985–1986St. John Vianney ParishColonia, NJ
1986–1987Christ the KingCommack
1987–1988St. Rita's ParishStaten Island
1989–2002Parsons ManorJamaica

James T. Smith

Ordained in 1956
1956–1965Our Lady of Grace ParishHoward Beach
1965–1976Holy Trinity ParishWhitestone
1976–1980Our Lady of HopeMiddle Village
1980–1989Our Lady of Mount CarmelLong Island City
1989–2002St. Kevin ParishQueens
1992–2002N.Y. District Attorney's OfficeQueens

James H. Cotter

Ordained in 1950
1951St. Mary's ParishLittle Valley
1952–1955St. Aloysius GonzagaCheektowaga
1956–1958Most Precious BloodAngola
1959–1965St. Cecelia ParishOakfield
1965–1978Our Lady of Lourdes ParishBemus Point
unknownNotre Dame High SchoolBatavia
1978retiredSan Diego, CA
1980sBoy Scouts of AmericaSan Diego, CA
1980sNazareth Catholic Elementary SchoolSan Diego, CA

James / Jamie Lara

Ordained in 1973
1974–1976St. Barbara's ParishBrooklyn
1977–1985St. Francis Xavier ParishBrooklyn
1986–1989St. Patrick's ParishLong Island City
unknownP.S. 321 Summer PRogramBrooklyn
unknownColumbia UniversityNew York
1995–2009Yale UniversityNew Haven, CT
2011Notre Dame UniversitySouth Bend, IN
2013–2017Arizona State UniversityTempe, AZ

Adam Prochaski

Ordained in 1968
1969–1994Holy Cross ParishQueens
1994–2002sick leaveQueens
2005–2007Creedmoor Addiction Treatment CounselorQueens

Patrick Sexton

Ordained in 1977
1979–1986St. Cecelia's ParishGreenpoint Brooklyn
1987–1989St. Patrick's ParishLong Island City
1990St. Mark's ParishBrooklyn
1991–2002sick leave
2000Sacred Heart SchoolBrooklyn
unknownCorpus Cristi SchoolPort Chester
2005–2006Our Lady of VictoryBrooklyn

Liam O'Doherty

Ordained in 1965
1966–1967St. Mary'sCanton
1968St. Joseph's ParishMalone
1969–1971St. Patrick's ParishPort Henry
1972–1973St. Mary's ParishClayton
1974–1979St. Ann's ChurchSt. Regis Falls
1979–1993St. Andrew's ParishSackets Harbor
1993–1998St. Michael's ParishAntwerp
2002removed from ministry
2003Vianney Renewal CenterDitmer, MO

Charles H. Eckermann

Diocese of Syracuse
Ordained 1958
1958–1963St. BrigidSyracuse
1965–1966St. JosephSyracuse
1964St. CeciliaSolvay
1967–1984Bishop Ludden High SchoolSyracuse
1977–1984St. John the Baptist ParishSyracuse
1985St. Mary of the Assumption ParishBinghamton
1988–2001St. Ann's ParishManlius
2014removed from ministry

John Gormley

Rochester Diocese
Ordained 1959
1957St. Bernard's SeminaryRochester
1960sSt. Mary'sCorning
1960St. Mary's of the LakeWatkins Glen
1966St. John the Evangelist ChurchClyde
1971removed from ministryRochester
1972counselingHartford, CT

William Authenrieth

Brooklyn Diocese
Ordained 1962
1962–1973St. Vincent FerrerBrooklyn
1973–1974Holy SpiritMims, FL
1974–1976St. John VianneyOrlando, FL
1976–1978All Souls ParishSanford, FL
1978–1983St. Mary's ParishRockledge, FL
1983All SoulsSanford, FL
1984–1985Our Lady of Lourdes ParishMelbourne, FL
1985St. Patrick ParishMount Dora, FL

Enrique Diaz Jimenez

Brooklyn Diocese
Ordained 1977 (Venezuela)
1983Arrives in the United StatesBrooklyn
1983–1986St. Leo ParishCorona
Our Lady or SorrowsCorona
1996returnedBogota, Columbia

Anthony J. Failla

Brooklyn Diocese
Ordained 1956
1960–1961Holy FamilyBrooklyn
1962–1970St. Mary Star of the SeaBrooklyn
1971–1975St. Michael - St. EdwardsBrooklyn
1975–1978St. BonifaceBrooklyn
1978–1997St. Finbar's ParishBrooklyn
1997moved to Florida
2000St. Joan's ParishBoca Raton, FL

Michael Salerno

Brooklyn Diocese
Ordained 1993
1968Became a Pallotine Order of Brothers
1968–1969Queen of ApostlesSag Harbor
1969–1971Our Lady of the Rosary of PompeiiBrooklyn
1971–1978All Saints (Pallotine Order)Brooklyn
1978–1984Queen of ApostlesSag Harbor
1984–1987Bishop of Eustace High SchoolPennsauken, NJ
1987–1990My Brother's PlaceBrooklyn
1990–1997Our Lady of the Rosary of PompeiiBrooklyn
1990–1997Our Lady of the Rosary of PompeiiBrooklyn
1997–2007St. Leo's ParishBaltimore, MD
2012removed from ministry

Donald J. Crosby

Syracuse Diocese
Ordained 1963
1963St. Mary ChurchCleveland
1963–1969St. Matthew ChurchSyracuse
1969–1975Utica Catholic Academy (became Notre Dame High School)Utica
1975resigns from priesthood
1975–2003Soule Road Middle SchoolUtica

John Zeder

Syracuse Diocese
Ordained 1954
1954St. Ambrose ParishEndicott
1960–1967Holy RosaryMaine
1956–1967Seton High SchoolEndicott
1969St. Anthony's ParisEndicott
1969–1970St. Patrick's ParishChittenango
1970–1978St. James Mission SocietyEcuador
1979–1982St. Mary's ParishCortland
1982–1984St. MalachySherburne
1985–1986sabbaticalUniversity of California
1986–1987St. MalachySherburne
1988–1991Mater Die InstituteSpokane, WA
1989St. Anthony's ParishEndicott
1992–1998St. Ann ParishParish
2003St. Pius X retirement homeSyracuse
2003–2016Tommy Coyne residence for priestsSyracuse

Bernard Casper

Rochester Diocese
Ordained 1955
1963Servants of ParacleteAlbuquerque, NM
1970Unity Home for VeteransAuburn
1970–2002St. Mary's ParishAuburn
1970sSt. Patrick's ParishAlbany

Albert Kenneth Jungers

Otschodela Council
Boy Scouts of Canada
Boy Scout IV File dated August 13, 1983
Cooperstown, New York
Fly Creek, New York

In 1983, Jungers was actively involved in Boy Scouts of Canada, and was placed in the BSA’s Ineligible Volunteer File after he allegedly pled guilty to molesting two young boys during a campout at his home. He was an Anglican priest at the time and was serving as the Boy Scouts’ District Chaplain. In 1987, Junger registered for Scouting in Cooperstown, New York, and in 1989 he registered for Scouting in Fly Creek, New York where he served as Unit Commissioner. Years later, in 1991, Jungers was again removed from Scouting based on the 1983 molestation incidents and again placed in the BSA’s Ineligible Volunteer File.


Alan Miles Dean

Finger Lakes Council
Otaniana Council
Added to IV Files on June 20, 1985
Rochester, New York
Geneva, New York

In 1985, Dean was placed in BSA’s Ineligible Volunteer File after it was allegedly reported that he was convicted of second degree sodomy involving a twelve-year-old boy from Troop 130 in Marian, New York. The sexual abuse occurred in 1982. Prior to this time, it was alleged concerns of sexual abuse were raised about Dean but he was able to continue volunteering with Scouts.


Kenneth Allan Dingman

Lewiston Trail Council, Inc.
Added to IV File on February 24, 1971
Lockport, New York
Albion, New York

In 1971, Dingman was placed in BSA’s Ineligible Volunteer File after it was reported that he had “psychological problems.” He was later reported to have sexually abused a 12-year-old boy in 1974. Yet, in 1975, BSA allowed Dingman to continue in Scouting on “probationary” basis despite having pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a minor.


Michael Mooney Sr.

Suffolk County Council
Narragansett Council
Added to IV File on March 9, 1989
East Patchogue, New York
Blue Point, New York

In 1984, the Narragansett Council reported that Maloney showed “poor judgment” and allegedly gave alcohol to Scouts and suggested some sexual activity while at Yawgoog Scout Reservation, however it does not appear he was placed in the BSA’s Ineligible Volunteer File until 1989. Later, in 1991, it was discovered that Mooney was registered as a Merit Badge Counselor with the Suffolk County Council.


Arthur Santorelli

Rip Van Winkle Council
Greater New York Councils
Manhattan Council
Added to IV File on October 24, 1966
New York, New York
New Paltz, New York

In 1966, Santorelli was placed in BSA’s Ineligible Volunteer File after it was reported that he was alleged convicted of “impairing the morals of a minor.” In 1980, it was found that Santorelli was involved with Scouting in the Rip Van Winkle, Council near Kingston, New York. At that time, Santorelli was again removed from his position in Scouting.


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