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Man alleges Knights of Columbus youth basketball coach abused him as child

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A man claims a Knights of Columbus member who worked as a youth basketball coach for the organization sexually abused him as a child in the Bronx.

The Knights of Columbus has 1.9 million members across the U.S. It was initially formed to help those in need as a Catholic fraternal benefit society.

Jeffrey Davis claims Kenneth McLaughlin abused him as a boy and claims the organization did not stop or prevent the abuse from happening.

Ken McLaughlin joined Boyd Council #326 Knights of Columbus in April 1946 and became involved with that organization’s youth program, the Father Duffy Squires Circle #186. He was Chief Counselor and Youth Director and served in that position from 1946 until 2004. McLaughlin also established himself as a basketball coach at the Knights of Columbus for the Fr. Duffy Squires on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx where he systematically sexually abused hundreds of neighborhood boys involved in the KOC youth program.

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