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Long Island Hit With Dozens Of Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Under Child Victims Act

Since Aug. 14, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed across New York State related to the Child Victims Act, which went into effect that day. The law, signed in February by Governor Andrew Cuomo, gives a one-year grace period, eliminating the statute of limitations for sexual abuse victims. Suits have already been filed against every Catholic diocese in the state, Boy Scouts of America, Rockefeller University, schools, hospitals, nonprofits and other organizations.

Marsh Law Firm PLLC and Pfau, Cochran, Vertetis, Amala PLLC filed a suit against Rockefeller University on Aug. 14 with 45 plaintiffs. They claim to represent 200 sexual abuse survivors of Dr. Reginald Archibald, a professor and physician employed at the university for approximately 40 years. Several of the plaintiffs that filed suit are from Long Island.

“It’s probably one of, if not the largest, sexual abuse cases in the United States,” said attorney Michael Pfau.

“This is the reality,” said Pfau, who plans to subpoena the diocese’s secret archives. “Thousands of kids were abused by Catholic priests and thousands of kids were abused by Boy Scout leaders and kids were also abused in camps, foster homes and schools. This is a big societal problem.”

“Bankruptcy is a strategic tool that Catholic dioceses use for various purposes, one of which is to avoid jury trials,” Pfau said. “We can’t keep them from filing bankruptcy, but if they do, we work with the creditors’ counsel to identify and marshal all the available assets.”

Marsh Law Firm and Pfau, Cochran, Vertetis, Amalia PLLC partnered to file two lawsuits against the Rockville Centre Diocese. Plaintiff S.T. was a stand-alone lawsuit and the other seven plaintiffs were grouped together:

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