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EXCLUSIVE: Pedophiles Find a Home for Social Networking — on Facebook

James Marsh, an attorney who represents victims of child sexual exploitation, says Facebook must do more than just what is required by law.

“Facebook has a moral and public duty to monitor and stop this activity on their site. Hiding behind legal technicalities is not enough to be a good corporate citizen in the digital age,” Marsh said. “Facebook needs to put children ahead of profits and do what Congress and the American people expect — protect our kids from criminals like NAMBLA.”

Hemanshu Nigam, co-chairman of President Obama’s Online Safety Technology Working Group and a member of the board of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, agrees.

“Every company has the ability to disable certain sites from being linked to, and Facebook can make a very simple decision to not allow people from Facebook from linking to,” Nigam said.

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