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Background and commentary on Masha Allen

Also joining us, James Marsh. This is Masha`s attorney. James…


GRACE: Hi, friend. What are we going to do about this adoption agency that helped facilitate Masha coming from Russia, straight into the hands of an American pedophile?

MARSH: Well, I guess, unfortunately, or fortunately for Masha, we have a lot of potential defendants in this case, because it wasn`t just one adoption agency that helped facilitate this. There were many cooperating agencies involved. This was the agency that did the home study. There`s the agency that…

GRACE: Or the lack thereof.

MARSH: Or the lack thereof, what I called the promotional piece for Mr. Mancuso.

GRACE: Any idiot could see there was one bedroom and one father and no mom.

MARSH: Well, I think what we`ve seen in this case is that — you know, we talked to law enforcement. And what really led to Masha`s rescue was a gut feeling that something was wrong here. And what we didn`t have in the adoption context was any gut feeling…


GRACE: Are you suing? Are you suing?

MARSH: We are suing, absolutely.

GRACE: Who are you suing?

MARSH: We are suing the agency that did the home study. And we`re still trying to sort out which agency was responsible for the placement. We have two names. They`re pointing the fingers at each other.

GRACE: That`s right.

MARSH: And we`re going to get to the bottom of this for Masha.

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