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Op Ed: Paroline Raises Difficult Questions for Supreme Court

JURIST Guest Columnist Warren Binford of Willamette University College of Law argues that the US Supreme Court should hold individual possessors of child pornography liable for the full damages allowed under the Violence Against Women Act first to help victims of child pornography recover as quickly and fully as possible and to uphold US international treaty obligations ...

On Ryan Loskarn

Last week, The Washington Post published a piece in which Ruth Marcus paints the fate of now-deceased Senate staffer-slash-child porn viewer Jesse Ryan Loskarn as a "tragedy." After reading what is allegedly Loskarn's suicide note, Marcus concludes:
Yet Loskarn’s example requires us to recognize the uncomfortable truth that damage is not always one-sided. Victims can become victimizers. Some people do terrible things because they are purely evil, others because they are terribly damaged.
And Marcus is correct. The odds are overwhelmingly in favor of Loskarn's claim being true, in which case he was, and is, deserving of sympathy for the terrible thing that happened to him as a child. And it is a sad fact that some people abused as children do go on to perpetuate abuse on others, that we are in need of better ways to help adult victims of child abuse heal and break the cycle, that increased compassion and mental health services could perhaps go a long way toward preventing future abuse.However, this does not change the fact that what Loskarn did was wrong.