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In re Amy Unknown: Restitution from Downloaders of Child Porn?

Guest James Marsh is a New York attorney doing ground-breaking work to obtain restitution for victims of child porn from downloaders. The Fifth Circuit recently held in favor of two victims, while other jurisdictions have refused to extend restitution to downloaders.

Utahn joins new restitution push for child porn victims

In a relatively new tactic in Utah, Vicky is asking the court to order Dunn to pay her restitution for the years of therapy she has needed and lost income from the months and years she was unable to work. Among those leading that charge is Paul Cassell, a former federal judge and now a professor at the University of Utah law school who is donating his time on Vicky's case. Cassell is joined in the legal proceedings by Carol Hepburn, Vicky's attorney, and James Marsh, a children's rights lawyer in New York.