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Many ask ‘Who else should be punished?’

"Child pornography harms the children in the images perpetually," said James Marsh, the New York lawyer who represents Amy. "It leads to the physical abuse of more children. Demand creates supply." Marsh said U.S. Supreme Court decisions over the past three decades have upheld the concept that the mere act of viewing child pornography is an act that causes harm to the abused children. He has filed for restitution for Amy in 310 pending cases nationwide. Marsh said he will stop filing requests when Amy is compensated for the full amount of her damages. "It doesn't matter who is paying," Marsh said. "The goal is to make the victim whole."

Victim of child porn seeks damages from viewers

Amy's attorney, James R. Marsh of New York, has been fighting the restitution battle for her. Amy, he said, remains in a very fragile state. She just had a baby and is in a troubled relationship. "She is completely devastated by this," he said. "She basically doesn't have any joy in her life. This is just an awful situation." Amy wrote in her victim impact statement that she feels unworthy of anything and a complete failure. "What happened to me hasn't gone away," she said. "It will never go away."