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Background and commentary on Masha Allen

Also joining us, James Marsh. This is Masha`s attorney. James... JAMES MARSH, MASHA`S ATTORNEY: Hi, Nancy. GRACE: Hi, friend. What are we going to do about this adoption agency that helped facilitate Masha coming from Russia, straight into the hands of an American pedophile? MARSH: Well, I guess, unfortunately, or fortunately for Masha, we have a lot of potential defendants in this case, because it wasn`t just one adoption agency that helped facilitate this. There were many cooperating agencies involved. This was the agency that did the home study. There`s the agency that... GRACE: Or the lack thereof. MARSH: Or the lack thereof, what I ...

Perv Cools Heels in Prison Hospital; Porn, abuse victim decries treatment of her tormentor

A vile sex offender who adopted a 5-year-old from Russia only to turn her into a sex slave is being treated at the cushy Devens prison hospital - an arrangement that prompted cries of outrage from the now-13-year-old survivor. "Masha feels that treatment is inappropriate and that what (Matthew) Mancuso deserves is punishment for the crimes he committed," said attorney James R. Marsh, who represents Masha Allen.